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We Offer Pipe Inspection Camera Technology to Keep Your San Jose, CA Home’s Plumbing in Order

When it comes to maintaining your property’s sewage system, one of the best things you can do is to keep up with regular drain inspections. While not an exciting service, regular plumbing camera inspections can help diagnose problems before they turn into catastrophes. Rather than waiting until it’s a full-blown emergency, schedule a video drain inspection services in the San Jose, CA, area with Alert Plumbing, Inc. With our high-quality camera drain pipe and sewer line video inspections, our sewer scope service is perfect for any aging structure! We’ll help you identify any issues and stay ahead of plumbing emergencies. In that way, regular inspections can even help you save money in the long run. Commonly-inspected elements of your plumbing system include:
  • Water heaters
  • Water supply inflow
  • Fixtures in kitchens & bathrooms
  • Washing machine hookups
  • Drain & sewage lines
  • Are mysterious water stains appearing on your ceiling? Does your home suffer from slow-clearing drains? You can count on our plumbing inspection team to quickly diagnose any issues and offer quick, easy fixes. And with Alert Plumbing, Inc., your initial quote and consultation are completely free. That means there’s no risk in speaking with a member of our team about scheduling a plumbing inspection for your home or business. Contact Alert Plumbing, Inc. today at (408) 272-1423.
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The Advantages of a Sewer Line Video Inspection

In the past, the main barrier to thorough sewer inspections was technology. Today, however, plumbers can perform complete inspections using specialized cameras that snake through your sewer lines. Before sewer line video inspection technology, problems such as subtle leaks, cracks, and clogs were difficult to locate with precision, but now we can determine right where the problem lies. In addition to more easily identifying problems, a professional inspection with a scope avoids the labor-intensive and daunting prospect of removing drywall to search for issues! That means time and money saved for you, the customer.

Are you thinking about investing in an older property? Consider a thorough inspection before you buy it! Nothing is worse than purchasing a new property only to reveal thousands of dollars in needed repairs and line replacements. Don’t take any chances of going into a property purchase blind. Instead, work with the experts at Alert Plumbing, Inc.

Are you ready to schedule your plumbing inspection services? Do you have questions for our team? Contact us today at (408) 272-1423.
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Save Yourself Time and Money with Our Sewer Scoping Inspection Services

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new home or want to thoroughly understand your building’s plumbing system, nothing will beat a sewer scope inspection. If you have leaky lines in your home, then a professional sewer inspection is in order! Using a sewer scope, we can easily identify any and all issues the first time around. In other words, avoid the extra service appointments and sewer line headaches by scheduling a professional inspection.

Remember, your initial consultation is completely free, and an inspection can save you thousands in the long run! Don’t take any chances with hidden, undiagnosed problems. Instead, contact Alert Plumbing, Inc. today to receive a quote.

With more than 15 years of commercial and residential plumbing experience, Alert Plumbing, Inc. is the perfect choice for your next inspection. Our drain inspection providers are some of the best in the business and will conduct a thorough inspection fast. We operate throughout San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas.

Danny gave us a great price to replace our leaking main water line. Not only that, he and his crew showed up on a Saturday and knocked out the job in a few hours. When we found out that our outdoor spigot had not been tied back in, he came back out (again, on a Saturday) and fixed the problem with no complaint - in fact, he apologized for the inconvenience. I can't recommend Danny and Alert highly enough!

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